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>Polymer applications >Chemical engineering 29.01.2008
Ammonium perchlorate-binding poly(allylamine hydrochloride) hydrogels for wastewater remediation
>Polymer applications >Electrical engineering 30.01.2008
Towards advanced circuit board materials: adhesion of copper foil to ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene composite
>Polymer applications >Coatings 30.01.2008
Effect of talc/MMA in situ polymerization on mechanical properties of PVC-matrix composites
>Polymer applications >Chemical engineering 30.01.2008
Water-soluble cationic polymers and their polymer-metal complexes with biocidal activity: A genotoxicity study
>Polymer applications >Adhesives 30.01.2008
Nucleation and growth of cavities in soft viscoelastic layers under tensile stress
>Polymer applications >Coatings 31.01.2008
Biocompatible polystyrenes containing pendant tetra(ethylene glycol) and phosphorylcholine groups
>Polymer applications >Chemical engineering 31.01.2008
Conductive polymer membranes
>Polymer applications >Coatings 31.01.2008
Wear of metal/PTFE coatings in rolling line contact
>Polymer applications >Coatings 31.01.2008
Adherence evaluation of paint coatings using a three-point flexure test and acoustic emission
>Polymer applications >Electrical engineering 31.01.2008
A new technique for monitoring real-time dimensional changes in polymeric electromechanical actuators and vaporesistive sensors
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