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>Plastics processing >Molding techniques >Injection molding 28.01.2008
Effects of hygroscopic properties on weld line integrity of tensile specimens of high temperature glass reinforced nylon
>Plastics processing >Molding techniques >Injection molding 29.01.2008
Release of model compounds from modified lactone copolymers
>Plastics processing >Molding techniques >Molding of fiber-reinforced plastics 29.01.2008
Resin transfer moldable phenylethynyl containing imide oligomers
>Plastics processing >Molding techniques >Extrusion 29.01.2008
Residence time distribution curves of screw elements in twin-srew extruder
>Plastics processing >Molding techniques >Molding of fiber-reinforced plastics 29.01.2008
Robotic tow placement for local reinforcement of glass mat thermoplastics (GMTs)
>Plastics processing >Molding techniques >Extrusion 30.01.2008
New impact modifier improves mechanical and physical properties of vinyl profiles
>Plastics processing >Molding techniques >Molding of fiber-reinforced plastics 30.01.2008
Mold fill time and void reduction in resin transfer molding achieved by articulated tooling
>Plastics processing >Molding techniques >Extrusion 30.01.2008
Optimization of processing conditions for polymer twin-screw extrusion
>Plastics processing >Molding techniques >Molding of fiber-reinforced plastics 31.01.2008
Exothermic temperature history in the processing of resin infused composite structural components
>Plastics processing >Molding techniques >Extrusion 31.01.2008
Wall detachment and high rate surface defects during extrusion of clay
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