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>Physics of polymers >Dispersions 17.01.2008
Effect of GMA on monodisperse epoxy-functionalized polymer microsphere particles by dispersion copolymerization of styrene with glycidyl methacrylate
>Physics of polymers >Dispersions 19.01.2008
Hollow latex particles: synthesis and applications
>Physics of polymers >Dispersions 21.01.2008
Film formation of monodispersed polystyrene latex at high temperature
>Physics of polymers >Dispersions 26.01.2008
In situ study of the dynamics of erosion of carbon black agglomerates
>Physics of polymers >Dispersions 27.01.2008
Structure/rheological properties relations of crosslinked potato starch suspensions
>Physics of polymers >Dispersions 28.01.2008
Comparison of USAXS information with RMSA prediction for the effect of added salt on colloidal crystal structure
>Physics of polymers >Dispersions 29.01.2008
Tensile properties of elastomeric polyolefin thin films: The path to failure
>Physics of polymers >Dispersions 29.01.2008
Interaction of naphthalene-labeled poly(hydrochloride quaternized 2-norbornene-5-methyleneamine) with O/W microemulsion droplets
>Physics of polymers >Dispersions 30.01.2008
Process intensification in particle technology: flow induced phase inversion in the intensive emulsification of epoxy polymer melts in water
>Physics of polymers >Dispersions 31.01.2008
Electrorheological and dielectric properties of polypyrrole dispersions
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