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>Polymer applications >Adhesives 22.01.2008
Adhesive and flame resistance behavior of poly(arylene ether phosphine oxide) (PEPO) and PEPO-modified epoxy resins
>Polymer applications >Adhesives 23.01.2008
Effect of network morphology on adhesive performance in emulsion blends of acrylic pressure sensitive adhesives
>Polymer applications >Adhesives 24.01.2008
Use of calcium carbonate - fumed silica mixtures as filler in polyurethane adhesives
>Polymer applications >Adhesives 25.01.2008
Rheological properties of polyurethane adhesives containing silica as filler: influence of the nature and surface chemistry of silica
>Polymer applications >Adhesives 26.01.2008
Heterocyclic-based epoxy-terminated structural adhesive. II. Curing, adhesive strength, and thermal stability
>Polymer applications >Adhesives 27.01.2008
Surface pretreatment for adhesive bonding of aluminium with adhesive mediator SIP
>Polymer applications >Adhesives 28.01.2008
A modified specimen for evaluating the mixed mode fracture toughness of adhesives
>Polymer applications >Adhesives 29.01.2008
Solvent-free radiation-curable polyacrylate pressure-sensitive adhesive systems
>Polymer applications >Adhesives 30.01.2008
Nucleation and growth of cavities in soft viscoelastic layers under tensile stress
>Polymer applications >Adhesives 31.01.2008
Chemiluminescence and fluorescence for monitoring the photooxidation of an UV-cured aliphatic polyurethane-acrylate based adhesive
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