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>Polymer applications >Traffic and transport 26.01.2008
Rheological model of uncured silica-filled tire compounds: Application to a simple shear start-up flow
>Polymer applications >Medicine 27.01.2008
Formation of porous bilayer hollow fibre membranes
>Polymer applications >Traffic and transport 27.01.2008
Remote interrogated magnetoelastic sensors
>Polymer applications >Medicine 28.01.2008
Synthesis of water-soluble thermosensitive polymers having phosphonium groups from methacryloyloxyethyl trialkyl phosphonium chlorides-N-isopropylacrylamide copolymers and their functions
>Polymer applications >Traffic and transport 28.01.2008
The Darmstadt tire sensor - a mechatronic system to detect dynamic events within the rotating tire
>Polymer applications >Traffic and transport 28.01.2008
Scrap tire/aggregate composite: composition and primary characterizations for pavement material
>Polymer applications >Medicine 29.01.2008
Design, synthesis and characterisation of ethylcellulose latex
>Polymer applications >Traffic and transport 29.01.2008
Novel thermoplastic elastomers (TPEs) for automotive interior applications: TPEs with improved molded surface appearance and reduced fogging
>Polymer applications >Medicine 30.01.2008
Synthesis and general properties of silated-hydroxypropyl methylcellulose in prospect of biomedical use
>Polymer applications >Traffic and transport 30.01.2008
The use of Evoh in automotive applications
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